What Does the Resistor Code Yellow Indicate?

If you’re working on an electronic project, you may have come across resistors and their color codes. Resistors are a crucial component in electronics as they control the flow of current in circuits. However, understanding resistor color codes can be challenging, especially if you’re new to electronics. In this post, we’ll focus on one specific resistor code – yellow – and what it indicates.

What Does the Resistor Code Yellow Indicate?

Resistors are essential components in electronic circuits that limit or regulate the flow of electrical current. They come in different sizes and types, each with its unique resistance value measured in ohms (Ω). To identify the resistor’s resistance value easily, manufacturers use a color-coding system consisting of colored bands around the resistor body.

The color bands represent numbers that indicate the resistance value according to a standard code table. The first two bands represent significant digits of resistance values, while the third band represents a multiplier factor used to determine the total resistance value. The fourth band is optional and represents tolerance or precision.

Now let’s focus on one specific resistor code – yellow – and what it indicates.

Yellow Resistor Code

Yellow is one of the colors used in resistor color coding as a significant digit representation. According to the standard code table, yellow represents four as a significant digit value.

For example, if you see a yellow band followed by another yellow band on a resistor body, it means that their respective values are 4 and 4. The third band will indicate the multiplier factor for calculating the total resistance value.

If there’s no third band present after two yellow bands, then it means that there’s no multiplier factor involved in determining total resistance value. Therefore, both yellow bands’ values should be added together to get the final resistance value.


In summary, understanding resistor color codes is crucial when working with electronic circuits. The yellow color code indicates four as a significant digit value for resistors’ identification purposes. Knowing this can help you choose appropriate resistors for your projects without confusion.


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